Tuesday, December 7, 2010

It's been a long time!

I haven't blogged all football season. It's been a really crazy and busy couple of months. We had a good football season and in the meantime the girls grew like crazy! Addie is almost crawling and Jorja is such a big girl. She now "teetees" on the potty and wants to wear my lipstick and jewelry all the time. She also puts on my high heels and scarves and struts around the house. I believe I am already beginning to "pay for my raising" Our football season was fun. We really enjoyed all the fun home games. I have to admit they are much much better than Texas Tech football games. The atmosphere is so incredible and they have such neat and meaningful traditions. We are headed to the Military bowl in Washington DC. It will be beautiful in DC during Christmas, it's one of the top 3 places to be during Christmas time. The only thing missing will be the rest of the Pair-McGuire family. We took family pics in the stadium the other day and they turned out really good. Most of you will see them in our Christmas card...coming soon. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! I will try to get better about posting...when I have time!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010


After our wonderful week in Texas...Clay, Addie and I flew back to North Carolina for Sara and Dave's wedding in Asheville. It was a beautiful place. The wedding took place on the Builtmore Estate. Unfortunately I was unable to attend the actual wedding. Addie was sick:( I stayed back in the hotel with a sick baby and that was not fun!!!! Clay was a groomsman in the wedding and he said the wedding was "really nice" which is a lot coming from Clay!!! He's not big on weddings! Before Addie got sick, we all got to do some touring around Asheville. We toured the Builtmore Estate and did some shopping and wine tasting. I brought home some amazing wine...which makes me realllllllly happy!!! The Builtmore Estate was absolutely amazing...Addie slept in the sling the entire time and I believe she got a little to hot during the tour, which led to her getting sick. We also got to spend some time with our good friends Ty and Kelly and they even came home with us to Greenville after the wedding. It was nice seeing old Tech friends and seeing the beautiful mountains of Asheville.

Jeff and Leslie's Wedding

Before the wedding began in the Brides room!

Jeff and Leslie got married on June 19th in Midland Texas. It was a beautiful wedding and best of all we can officially add Leslie to the Pair family. She is a wonderful woman and absolutely made for my little brother. We are so very happy for them! Jorja and I were in the wedding . I was sooo proud of my big girl. She actually made it all the way down the isle by herself(the 3 year old chickened out) She was a little frightened when the organ struck up and then started sprinting down the rest of the isle. I was so proud I started crying even my Dad admits to a little tear in his eye!!!! It amazes me how proud I felt...I can't imagine how it will be when she gets older! Anyways!!!! Congrats to Leslie and Jeff we love both of you!!! Leslie has tons of beautiful pictures made by her photographer....so more pics to come!!!

Monday, June 7, 2010


Addie joined the family on May 24th at 8:08 am. She was 8lbs and 11ounces 20 1/2 inches long. She looks a lot like Jorja but has many different characteristics. We are so happy and blessed to have such a beautiful and healthy little girl. Jorja is very proud and is a great big sis. She loves to hold and kiss her sister and now she has begun singing to Addie when she is crying. It's too cute! The first week after Addie was born my Mom and Dad were here and then Bill and Linda came in for the week after that. We have been surrounded by friends and family and it has been great. Addie is now two weeks old and pretty much sleeps and eats and thats about it. Clay has started football camps...so the girls and I are home on our own!!! Scary! It's lots of work...geez! I am lucky to brush my own teeth and eat at least one meal a day. We are looking forward to our trip to Texas next week. Can't wait for Jeffrey and Leslie's wedding!!!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Atlantic Beach

On Sunday we took a day trip to the Atlantic Beach. Jorja had lots of fun!!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Parade of Pigs and Spring Game

On Friday night we attended the "Parade of Pigs" It was very interesting. Each cook sets up their cooking camp around the football stadium and they cook their pig all night until Saturday morning. On Saturday morning the prepared food is judged and then all sold before the Spring game for $5 a plate. The actual parade is when each pig is delivered to each station. The cheerleaders and band parade in front of the truck delivering the pigs. It was sort of barbaric!!! The barbeque here is disgusting! They use a vinegar base to marinate their meat and it's all pork....no beef!!!! On Saturday Clay's mom and dad went with me to the game and we ate barbeque and watched our Spring game. It was soooo much fun and then we had a fajita cookout at our house that night until 3 in the morning. Our neighbors came over and some coaching family. It was wild and fun. Some of my neighbors even brought over moonshine!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Jorja's 2nd Birthday

Jorja turned two on March 3rd and since Daddy was in North Carolina ("tarolina" as Jorja would call it) we waited to have her birthday party until he came back to Texas for Spring break. We had a Yo Gabba Gabba party and it was soooo much fun. It was just family and family friends since we were in the middle of moving. Don't be offended if you were not inivited. We had it at Mom and Dad's place and it will be a memory I will always remember, especially since we will probably not have another birthday in Texas with family and friends for a long time. Clay's 89 year old grandparents were even there to celebrate, which made it even more special. Jorja is such a special baby and I know my mom and dad are missing her so much! So please call my mom and talk to her she's feeling lonely without Jorja. After the party we spent a couple of days in Texas and then Clay headed to North Carolina in my car. He drove with BJones, which is Clay's best buddy and one of Jorja's favorite people. It took them two days to drive. So if your coming to visit me, fly!!! Road trips are fun but not with two year olds!!!! Jorja and I flew home in a private jet with Ruff. I bawled the whole way! Jorja was not phased but now she keeps asking "where my maw and big papi?" It breaks my heart every time. We are settled into our new home and it is starting to feel like home, now. Tonight my mom and I will Skype for the first time. I have done it before with a friend from Arizona. It will be sooooo good to see her face. Everyone here in Greenville is very nice and I have met many people. Jorja has even met some new friends too. Please continue to pray for my family as we all adjust to our new lives. WE miss ALL of our Lubbock peps!!!! Check out the video of Jorja blowing out candles. So cute! Aww and Baby Addie will be with us on May 24th!!! Scheduled c-section!!! Yessss!!! Love everybody!